Android update?

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Android update?

Post by jkiley87 »

I'm a little annoyed for a couple reasons.
1. It's an open source game and I spent money on it.
2. It's not getting updates like the free versions are.

If I'm missing any news, could someone please point me toward an announcement or something? I'll share it on G+, maybe there are also other people who bought it and feel a little ripped off? Maybe $4 isn't a lot, but this is a little ridiculous, no?

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Re: Android update?

Post by Dugi »

The android version is not official, it was just ported by one guy, who does not seem to be very active lately (last visit more than a month ago). Here is a discussion about it, better contact the author.

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Re: Android update?

Post by shichibukai »

I don't know much about Android, anyone who knows about it please share it with me. thanks

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Re: Android update?

Post by Shiki »

Have a look here

The Android port is maintained by Alep, but I haven't seen him around for a longer time.
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