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Don't get Turn wrong when he says there is a lot of other stuff we want to work on. This has been a perenial request.
(I don't know for sure, but I may have been one of the first to request it)
But it still goes under the BWH category.
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Thrawn wrote:
irrevenant wrote: We really need to be able to create and save in folders of our own naming. In addition to solving the problem of organising by campaign, it's the only practical way to manage saved games for multipke people on the one PC (unless you want to introduce profiles which seems overkill and more work).
can't this already be done, or am I getting confused?
The method of loading and saving games doesn't allow you to enter or exit sub-directories. Although you can manually sort save games into sub-directories, they won't be loadable unless they're in the main directory.

I suspect the code is already there to navigate directories (the editor uses it, after all), so I do think this is one of the improvements that we should be working on.
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