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Post by apodigy »

I was thinking of a Battle for Wesnoth with the possibility of exchanging / producing resources (like forge of empire) to improve weapons. According to you, is that a good idea? Let me know !
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Re: Resources

Post by Tad_Carlucci »

Sounds like a job for UMC.

My rule-of-thumb: if I thing something is interesting, I'm probably not unique, so others will too.

To your specific idea: dunno. Maybe, maybe not. Depends on how you implement it.
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Re: Resources

Post by octalot »

I'm not familiar with FoE, but in multiplayer Wesnoth there's a few resource-based add-ons: A New Land (co-operative vs the AI), Undead Empire (co-op), HalfCiv (player vs player) and Galactic Empires (player vs player).
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Re: Resources

Post by Mawmoocn »

Wild Peasants vs Devouring Corpses basically matches what you want.

Strange Legacy, has some of the features that you want. It includes crafting your own unique gear, gathering resources to craft items or trade for gold, and many more to explore!

It doesn't have resources as part of the game play, Legend of the Invincibles has crafting, though its focus is to collect loot and buy gems to craft gear.

The Altaz Mariners, Bob's RPG Era also has crafting.

Other players did suggest, but you can see the answer here viewtopic.php?f=12&t=34904#w0fpi23

Resources already exist but limited, in the form of user made campaigns.
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