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Re: Trait Suggestions

Post by The_Gnat » January 26th, 2019, 7:17 am

Lord-Knightmare wrote:
January 19th, 2019, 3:50 pm
Shouldn't this be +1XP per turn? Like the word creative means that the unit is sort of intelligent or can think out of the box. Saying it since my English teacher used to say that I am a creative kid when it comes to writing stories.
That is actually a really good idea! :D What about +1HP and +1XP per turn. But max HP is reduced (potentially 10%) or instead melee damage could be reduced by 1.
attuned(for mage-like units)
This implies that the unit is more skilled in magic usage, so, +1 damage to whatever attack has the magical/enchanted/precision special and also +10% arcane resistance. However, a penalty of -10% HP will be imposed as such higher mental strength has left them sort of lacking endurance.
Summary = +1 damage to all magical attacks, +10% arcane resistance, -10% HP.
That is another great idea. 8)

Though potentially it could be used for all units (instead of just mage units) because of the idea that 'the gift' is in everyone even if they have not trained to use it. Of course if the unit has no magical attacks they could instead receive an XP bonus to balance it?
+20% to fire damage but -10% resistance to cold.

+20% to cold damage but -10% resistance to fire.
More really good ideas! :D Like I said though, having too many traits might be annoying because you could not get the good ones, I would definitely be interested in a campaign that lets you choose your units traits. But I would love to have a knight with the fireheart trait or an assassin with frostheart! Very nice idea!

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