New feature "replay/recall last event/dialogue" (that is, review what was said by units)

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New feature "replay/recall last event/dialogue" (that is, review what was said by units)

Post by shevegen » August 4th, 2018, 2:19 pm

I suggest a new feature which I will call:

"Replay last event."

What is this doing:

- When the user/player invokes this functionality, the
last (non-interactive) dialogue scene/event is repeated.

In other words, this serves as a memory/recall function.

(The reason why I suggest to not allow this for
interactive dialogues is because it makes no sense; the
dialogue has happened already in the past; no possibility
to change it, though of course people can just load a
last saved game. Alternatively, the dialogue could be
replayed, but when it comes to user interaction, the
user interaction part is either skipped, or simply the
last answer is just repeated

- Why do I suggest it:

This is mostly for convenience. Sometimes I click too
much and miss what is said during an event, such as
moving to a place and a unit is saying something. For example,
I am playing the add-on where some crazy drake escapes,
and exploring through a large cave, some units say things
here and there when moving to another place. Right now I
have to reload, and move more slowly in order to find out
what they said (because I click so much ... not sure if this
happens to other people too but I tend to really click a
lot and do so quickly while playing; it's some bad habit...)

What I then do is re-load a last save-game but this is
a bit tedious.

I would like to suggest to integrate this option somewhere
in the top-menu, or perhaps a new entry (could group it
together with save-game functionality and call it
"last dialogue recall" or something like this.

As for the coding work, I believe this should be simple
to add. We already have the dialogue stored somewhere,
perhaps in XML. There may be several ways to go about
coding this.

A simple one would be, IMO, a register-action that always
keeps the last dialogue event in some buffer/store. Then
we could just trigger this again upon some mouse-click
or keyboard event.

Though there may be other solutions of course - perhaps
the game state is already stored somewhere, so one would
only have to look up at the prior dialogue/event.

Of course a more general solution would be to log all
dialogue/events and allow the user to scroll through
these, via backlog - but I wanted to keep my suggestion
small and easy to implement, so this is why I suggest
only a small functionality.

I can work around this of course, via reloading, but it
is not awesome insofar that I do not always save all
of the time (and autosave unfortunately also saves when
a situation is dire; I have had games where I had to
go back several turns because my units somehow ended
up out of position when I became too eager to move).

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