random map previews showing starting pos numbers

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random map previews showing starting pos numbers

Postby Zap-Zarap » August 18th, 2017, 9:20 am

I often use some different random map generators on mp games, the classic one, or from New Settlers addon. (V 1.12)

I always think to myself, that it would be extremely nice to have tiny numbers in the small map preview window on game configuration screen, showing which starting positions the different players will get (attached to the tiny castle tiles, that are visible there). So in a game with ai players or teams, in the next pregame screen i could set the player numbers/teams accordingly (e.g. east vs west, or ai in the center, or whatever).

Ofc i don't know for sure, when the random starting positions are added to map by the generator, and if that already has been done, when the map is displayed here.

Instead of displaying tiny numbers, colouring the castle tiles in team colours (the usual red-blue-green-purple-etc.) could be nice as well.
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