Dev Build Phase for each turn & play Wesnoth when developing

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Dev Build Phase for each turn & play Wesnoth when developing

Post by lampovas » May 26th, 2017, 6:59 am

Hello everybody ,

I am a Java developer in a SW company and i came across this game 2 days ago. This wonderful idea came into my mind. What if we bind each turn of Wesnoth to a build phase when developing. Every developer uses issue trackers, quality metrics software and performs testsuites. So when you develop an issue of yours, this has a number of bugs and this reduces your Wesnoth life. When quality metrics software says u have only some minor bugs this increases your Wesnoth strength. When all of your tests have been succeeded this increases your experience. I have attached a pdf with the bindings i have thought...

I really love to make this working. Is it possible & easy to modify the code in order to retrieve these characteristics for each turn from a database. A player selects ' new turn ' when only a new build version of the dev project is available. Then the players characteristics XP,MP, strength, etc... will be binded from the database ( which has been feeded with data from the issue tracker, testsuite software, quality metrics software). Thus the player will play the game according to his performance on his development project...

I don't know if this is an easy mod ( to make these attributes retrieved from db ), if so, is any developer willing to contribute to make it happen?
If not, which is the part of the code that defines these attributes for each player?

Thanks a lot
Attached you will find a pdf i made quickly with my thought
turn based.pdf
turn based pdf
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