Villages & Fog_of_war/Shroud

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Villages & Fog_of_war/Shroud

Post by tid242 »

Does anyone else feel that villages that one controls should not be covered by the shroud?

If you control a village and are gaining income from it, it seems reasonable that one would know if enemy units are just outside the village gates. Similarly if your villages are overtaken by enemy units one would probably know about it (ie "we were getting $$$ from village X, but now we're not") - other than the village counter at the top of the screen just decreasing by 1 unit.

Also on the terrain description of villages it states that they "HEAL" while they in fact "CURE". :)

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Post by MRhe »

I agree with this idea. I think villages that one owns should have a vision radius of one hex around them, i.e. they can see anything adjacent to them. This makes sense to me.
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Post by turin »

I think you should be able to see the village tile itself, but not a radius around it. You could then see what units capture your village, but not much else.
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Post by Dragonking »

You can see flag on your village, and noumber of your villages. I think that is enought. Adding message "Your village has been taken" will destroy possibility of "silent spy" behind enemy lines
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Re: Villages & Fog_of_war/Shroud

Post by Mkgego »

tid242 wrote:Does anyone else feel that villages that one controls should not be covered by the shroud?


Nopes ^^ :D
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