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Post by Srovex »

An idea for observing games in multiplayer.
I have often observed games and this little flaw has bugged me mutch. When watching large games (big 2 on 2 maps for example) on turn 43/60 or something similar, It takes many minutes to get to current game state. That is not a problem when you are watching it first time but if you quit to lobby to see if there is any new games forming up and than want to get back to observe the same game, you'll have to watch the game allover again.. after 2 or 4 times this could really start annoy you.(try it if you don't belive ;) )

As I said, it is just an idea so you don't have to bash me if this all ready exist in game and I so stupid that I haven't found it. And after all, this is my first post at the forums :)

thx for the replies
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Post by MRhe »

Actually this is a very annoying part of observing. In fact I'll never observe a game that's more than 5 or 6 turns because it's such a pain to wait and watch the game progress. But, often times I am interested in checking out a game that might be a 20-turn deep 2v2 battle. Couldn't there be an option to jump into the current turn?
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Post by MadMax »

I'd like to see this too.

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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

As would I. It's been discussed before, and generally everyone agrees that it would be good but nothing happens.
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Post by Dave »

There are some ideas we have to make this happen, however unfortunately there are also technical difficulties associated with them....

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Post by XJaPaN »

Couldn't the user just download the whole turns and jump right into action? Well I am not a programmer but this seems not so diffcult in my view.
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Post by ryn »

This could easily be done if Wesnoth first computes current position and then displays it. I haven´t looked at the code for a while but this shouldn't be a problem. I also second the idea.
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