A status effect, causing day/night to switch allegiance.

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A status effect, causing day/night to switch allegiance.

Post by Stolas » November 22nd, 2012, 9:22 pm

An effect that causes a unit to spend days in service of one side, and night in service of the other. Or, a full day and night cycle in service of one, and another side the next.

I have no idea how this could be implemented and feel the concept is simple in itself, and could be used in some constructive manner.

Possibly an effect of a meat-shield type character that is made to block and die so that it can transmit the effect like a virus.

Maybe some kind of ability of a unit with good stats but a generally fickle demeanor, such as by day it is a fast, scout type creature and by night a slow, tank like creature.

This type of unit may or may not be very cheap. Thoughts?

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Re: A status effect, causing day/night to switch allegiance.

Post by Dugi » November 22nd, 2012, 9:37 pm

Can be done relatively easily with WML (and some lua to give it a status icon). Are you making a campaign or something where you want to use it?
An event-based weapon special will change the unit's aligment, and get marked as a status, and then the alignment of units with the status will be changed to the desired one when the unit advances or is altered otherwise.

Also, no idea why did you post it into experimental corner.

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Re: A status effect, causing day/night to switch allegiance.

Post by dacurrlywon » November 23rd, 2012, 1:41 pm

Although I also don't know why this was posted in this forum...
I have a few ideas (one mainly) why this might be useful....

You could do a scenario or campaign that involved ware-wolfs (or some bothersome type thing) that by day is part of your regular army peasant or some-such thing and when it comes to knight changes to a powerful beast that is not controllable by you and attacks anything...
  • One landed attack would infect the attacked
  • Now this effect would not be curable by a normal curer would need a item?
  • You won't be able to attack in normal state as they would be part of your army
  • Might be able to tie down (ie make immobile when in wolf state inside a village or something...) so could not go on rampage at night
On the scenario / campaign
  • Have to get to point with a certain amount of peasants that are not effected
  • Cure a certain number of ware-wolfs etc
I know I used warewolfs but it does not have be so...

Would it need an animation on turning?
  • Perhaps it would be an idea to get this thread transferred to the ideas forum or the wml forum for a hint on how to do this?
lol just an idea :lol2: :whistle: (still loving the smiles)
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Re: A status effect, causing day/night to switch allegiance.

Post by Stolas » November 23rd, 2012, 8:17 pm

Basically, I don't know where I should post it. I assumed it to be too outlandish to fit for the main development thread.
I considered and love the concept of werewolves, but am afraid to suggest a new unit type as I have no idea what faction it would be added to.
Unless a new faction were built based around bending the mechanics of the game, which would be really cool in and of itself.

I'm mostly brainstorming while I have the Noob license to do so, and hoping very much to establish an understanding enough to one day plan out a major contribution.

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Re: A status effect, causing day/night to switch allegiance.

Post by Dixie » November 24th, 2012, 4:39 pm

Unless one (you) were willing to start a whole new era, it would be most effective as a campaign-specific unit. In fact, a project I had somewhat started working on some time ago but since dropped altogether was articulated around such a unit type. In my version, the human and the wolf halves levelled independently, and the propagation of the virus was when you killed another unit, kinda like plague does for WCs. Also, there would ideally be absolutely no outside indication of who were infected at day, and at some point they'd come as recruitable Lv0s (like, ruffians, trappers and peasants). At night, they'd switch to much more powerful berserking werewolves and would switch to an AI-controlled side, attacking anything in range.

In fact, thinking about it, this unit cannot be contained in an era and absolutely has to be campaign or scenario specific, because it needs a spare side to switch to at night, and this is undoable in an era (or anywhere outside of a scenario, for that matter).
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Re: A status effect, causing day/night to switch allegiance.

Post by Stolas » November 24th, 2012, 11:24 pm

That was the big concern I ran into as I was daydreaming about the concept, the difficulty in really making a class work well with that sort of mechanic within a framework.

I am hoping to develop a faction based upon an overall weakness but at the same time each unit circumvents the vanilla conventions in some way, with the goal of cheating your way to being an equal to the Default classes.

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Re: A status effect, causing day/night to switch allegiance.

Post by Larceny » August 14th, 2014, 4:25 pm

I made an implementation of werewolves with segregated leveling (with the help of the great Zookeeper). It's on the addon server for... some version of Wesnoth or other. And it might no longer depends on the Era of Myths. And it definitely has a bug right now that results in your save files approaching infinite size x.x (That is fixable now now fixed on my local version, but I'm not inclined to re-upload it to the add-ons server unless someone cares to do something with it. Especially since I've been messing around, adding random junk to that era... most of which is stolen from other UMC :whistle:)

EDIT: Uhm. I don't log in to these forums much. So that's an issue... *shrugs*
I guess I'll try to remember to check back in a day or few.

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