Load add-ons to install latter, from game screen.

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Load add-ons to install latter, from game screen.

Post by Molean »

Many times one finds new maps by playing them, but save map often doesn't work on many interesting maps because they also have coding in them that save map doesn't copy. And often enough even the host of a map doesn't know the exact name of the add-on needed to get the map either.

So here is the idea to address this issue. Whether in a game, or highlighting a game from lobby, one can trigger "save add-on" or whatever name, and that queue in add-ons list all maps and era add-ons involved with that game. Then one need only go to the add-on screen which will have another tab to view a list of your current queue and add any or all of them that you wish to. If add-ons can be installed from lobby, that would be even better, but not necessary. This suggestion would have the additional benefit of making it easier to get people to play era games where most people don't have the era.

I hope you guys understood all that correctly.

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Re: Load add-ons to install latter, from game screen.

Post by MetalKing »

I think I got the Point: If I want to play Wesnoth I go into the Lobby and press a Button to enter any interesting Game. I don't want to start any potential successless Hunt for any unknown AddOn and term from Lobby potentially without having played a single Game. So I drop that and just start Games I got already the Stuff for and other/new Games/Mods/etc have addiontional Disadvanteges by don't being suited to get comfortable downloaded while that Occassion. I remind that Phenoment with other Games in Internet. The Maps were normally much larger and I did often experience this: I start into a Server running any new interesting sounding Map I didn't know resp bever played. The Server note I don't have the Map and the Game starts downloading the Map. Due to Size and Transferrate and MapChange on the Server the Download gets interrupted and I have to wait again as the new Map is unknown to me as well. I don't know how that works Wesnoth but that Behaviro was once the Reason I did omit to play any other fancy new Maps due to I did fail to download them and didn't know where to find them instead.

I didn't understand all what Molean said but it sounds rather reasonable to invent any comfortable Way to download AddOns resp add them on a Queue for Download. Better than downloading from the Server is if the Map contains a Link to the Site that hosts the AddOn as these can have a better Transferrate. Sure the Map Source-Link can point the GameServer. I did anytime suggest to a user to adapt an existing Package-Management-System but change its FileExtension and thus gets quickly a working Environment to deal with Depencies of AddOns. But that Idea is perhaps BigIron. The Point is not Size of AddOns but Amount and their Depencies. If one AddOn can trigger another AddOn to fulfill Depencies than that reduces Trouble to the User. E.g. use RPM or DEB as Systems but change FileExtensoion for Pakages to e.g. WPMS (Wesnoth-PackageManagementSystem) and then a mated Software-System should handle Depencies of the AddOns. The AddOns would get some additional OverHead but can safe Space due to they don't have to copy Media-Files (GFX,OGG) from other Package but can trigger them as Requirement for their own Packages. However, the Focus here should be on the Problem of missing AddOns for enter new/unknown Maps and any reasonable Solution have to have its Focus on Comfort, Easyness, Surety to avoid "searching alot for an AddOn with unknown Name".

I think I can totally aggree with Molean about his Thoughts.
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