Unit Pruners and the Anti-Drakes

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nuff` said
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Currently the process of implementing things is fairly haphazard, (someone suggested/submitted something, so it gets implemented or not sometime soon or in the future) not that it's bad that way, but it might help to be more structured, especially with the multiple developers we have...
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Okay. I know I don't have any weight of opinion, aren't on the development team, have been playing the game for like two days, and been a forum member for less than that.


Reading through the wiki, Wesnoth philosophies, and other developmental documentation and playing the game for hours and hours the past few days, I have to say that whatever direction development chooses to take Wesnoth, it will more than likely be a good one, if you guys stick to it; you all seem talented and hard working guys, and it's been great great work so far. I don't think the question of quality is so much relevant so much as it is to vision: make the game you guys want to make it, as you have so far, and it'll probably turn out well.

As for myself... I like the idea of different cultures within same races, resulting in more units and campaigns and the construction of a 'high fantasy' world. In fact, the first few campaigns I played, I thought how awesome it would be just to have a good human VS human campaign; it would be even better with different units and such on each side.
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