Siege Engines added to game

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Re: Siege Engines added to game

Post by Sangel »

Thrawn wrote:multi-hex attacks CABD. We choose not to use this in mainline because it goes against the dev's idea of the game.
That, and coding the AI to use it effectively is reportedly quite difficult - and skilled AI coders are perhaps the rarest form of Wesnoth contributor.
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Re: Siege Engines added to game

Post by mich »

artisticdude wrote:I miss that multiple-hex range. I'm not sure how hard a multi-hex range would be to implement, but I for one would like to see it back again. If not necessarily for use in mainline, but just to have the ability to use it for UMC and such.
Well, as said there are already a lot of add ons that use multy-hex range. You can look for mech wars, modern combat, an older version of flight for freedom (in the new one the branch with multy-hex attack was removed), fate of a princess or ranged era. Probably there are more. Probably the best use of multy-hex range is to use it just for one or two units in a campaign, as made in foap or ftf, an era based on long range attacks isn't so good to play. Yes, the bigger problem of the ranged era is the absence of balancement, and probably an era builded with the multy-hex attacks idea from the beginning will have better results (a better game experience), but when more than a couple of units for side uses multy-hex attacks the game become less funny. As already mentioned, the incapacity of the ai to use somethink like this is another bigger problem.
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