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After match summery screen

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After match summery screen

Post by chains »

Please add a screen at the end of a match that summarizes a match after it's over.

Interesting things to see on the screen:
Portrait of the winning leader.
The result of a game. (I know Wesnoth doesn't current determine a result for most games, but this could be changed so that a winner could be displayed)
Stats from the statistics overview
Total income difference between the sides
MVP unit - unit that gains the most exp in a match

Stats from this screen could be used to spice up the replay archive.
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Re: After match summery screen

Post by em3 »

chains wrote:Portrait of the winning leader.
Do you mean the leader of the side that dealt the final blow? Otherwise the caption "winning leader" is ambiguous (in allied games). :hmm:
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Re: After match summery screen

Post by Dunno »

I like this idea! I'd also like to see which unit killed most enemies (type, name, owner, level, xp)
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Re: After match summery screen

Post by Schierke »

Nice idea, i would also like getting this sort os statistic about a match.

Let's hope it's not to hard to implement so we may see it in the future.
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Re: After match summery screen

Post by Xudo »

Players always want to take their usefulness measure. Good idea.
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