Slow should reduce doge chance

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Slow should reduce doge chance

Post by Zachary »

To a maximum of 50%.

Won't break the game, and will give another option for taking down orc assassins and bats and ghosts and what not if chance has it that you play a mage-light game.
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Re: Slow should reduce doge chance

Post by Caphriel »

Slow is already very powerful. Also, trying to hit evasive units with a 2-strike attack is dodgy at best (pun fully intended.) Either way, this would significantly affect balance by giving the rebels another option when it comes to evasive units, and increasing the utility of the shaman, a unit which, in certain circumstances, is already very high utility. The Rebels also have access to the elvish marksman, which is, although level 2, possibly the best unit in the game at killing elusivefoot units.

Also, ghosts? Ghosts have 50% dodge everywhere.
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Re: Slow should reduce doge chance

Post by Rya »

I don't like this suggestion either.

The problem with high dodge units is that they depend too much on luck currently. I might kill 2-4 units with a single fencer because they keep missing him, but my Fencer also might die on the first one if unlucky. And this high luck dependence can be pretty frustrating.

But changing Slow which is already extremely powerful is a bad idea.
The developer says "no".
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Re: Slow should reduce doge chance

Post by Solon64 »

What the previous two posters said. High dodge is nice but currently not game breaking in the least. Elusivefoot defense units trade quite a bit of health and damage potential for it. Generally their ranged attack is also lackluster at best, not counting an assassin's marksman+poison (which, btw, is incredible).

Slow certainly does not need a buff, slow can, in many cases, be crippling.
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Re: Slow should reduce doge chance

Post by Gambit »

Zachary wrote: Won't break the game.
:| Games can hinge on how well you use slow.
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Re: Slow should reduce doge chance

Post by Elvish_Conquerer »

Generally units with high defence have very low hitpoints, which would cripple a unit exponentially. Also slow is already great for taking down High Melee units or high movement units like the Orcish Warlord or a shocktrooper (and obviously mounted units). Making them give up their defence would totally unbalance a player's ability to kill units such as thieves, who get great defence but only have 24 hp whereas most lvl one units get 30 +. This means that 2 lvl 1 elves could easily kill this unit, or even by themselves if they are Lucky+Strong. Or even an orcish grunt at night could kill you. As of now i believe the game to be balanced and you would have to tweek a lot of units to compensate for this.

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Re: Slow should reduce doge chance

Post by Icarusvogel »

Even an orcish grunt?
Especially an Orcish Grunt, I would say. Units like that are particulary good against vulnerable units. They would knock the sense out of thieves with 50% - so I say, no.
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Re: Slow should reduce doge chance

Post by Ken_Oh »

As this is an idea, moved to ideas.

Please note that mainline is quite complete. Not many balance changes or additions will be done. Unless you can bring in a ton of data and examples of why this is needed, I would drop it.

On the other hand, you're free to do this in WML for your own era, scenario and/or campaign and upload it onto the add-ons server. If you really thing this is needed, this is the actually your best route to show everyone the positive effects of the change.
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