[engine] Idea to do the map editor more complete.

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Re: [engine] Idea to do the map editor more complete.

Post by Palatin »

Why is that?
The game is able to parse the item-tag and put the items on the map, can't the editor use that same function?
And even if the editor needs some extra data, just save it as a comment in the macro-file.

It doesn't have to be foolproof, since everybody who is able to code a scenario will understand some special rules in using the feature.
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Re: [engine] Idea to do the map editor more complete.

Post by IPS »

If adding labbels and teleporting stuff is that easy to do in WML, that doesnt mean what everybody knows to do that ¬¬

Also the percent of the users what knows WML is indeed much lower than the percent of players what does know nothing of WML.
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Re: [engine] Idea to do the map editor more complete.

Post by Shatterstar »

I would really love to see this idea come to fruition. I can't figure out how the heck to do it in WML. I mean there is lots of information about WML in general. But it's the little, basic stuff like this that seems to get overlooked when people make tutorials. Even if the process is easy, once you know what your doing... I still imagine it would be much faster to just be able to do this in the in-game editor. More accessibility is a good thing after all.

Now I could understand Devs not wanting to prioritize stuff like this over more pressing updates to the game. I also don't want to make demands of a game like Wesnoth which is entirely free. However, if someone here like Fabi or Palatin creates this feature and it functions correctly and most importantly, does not cause other glitches to the game itself... then I don't see any reason why the Devs wouldn't be interested in adding it to mainline. Understandably they would want it polished first, but if such a feature is, then might as well add it because it will make doing things like adding labels and units in the editor much easier for newbs like myself, and also faster even for those with WML experience.
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