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Awards system

Post by pl »

I'm thinking about ways to encourage people to play and participate more. And to have more advantages of having an account.

What about introducing Awards system for players who play more then others do.
You will have a special window where you can see your awards and awards will be like:

- Played 5 matches (Beginners award)
- Played 100 matches with drake race (Drake Wings)
- Played 50 winning matches with drake race (Dragon rage)
- Played 100 matches with Undead race (Dead Soul)
- Played 50 winning matches with Undead race (Plague rage)
- Played 100 ....
- Played 5000 games (Wesnoth award of dedication)
- Won 200 1vs1 matches (Wesnoth berserk)
- Survived all official survival modes (Just a crazy person who does have a lot of free time)
- Played 1 against 2 people and won (Heroic blade)
- Killed 1000 Wose units (Anti-environmentalist)
- Killed an enemy leader in 10 turns (Assassin)
- Finished a specific campaign (blah)
- Created an art which was officially accepted (Elvish brush)
- Created or enhanced map which was officially accepted (King governor award)
- Has 1000000 messages on Forum (Speaker award)

and so on.
Anyways you guys can come up with something.
These Award system exists in other games like (Battlefield 1943 and so on) It encourages people to play more especially when they have some something achieved already.

You could have a special window with nice icons for every award :)
It would be cool. But maybe for someone my idea will look stupid, I dunno

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Re: Awards system

Post by Caphriel »

I don't like this idea. It encourages stuff like grinding for achievements. Some people will run multiple instances of Wesnoth to play against themselves and get these, which would make them meaningless for all players. Others may cheat to get awards for winning. People who play to earn awards rather than because they like playing won't be fun to play with, or against.

I do, however, think that giving neat little kudos to contributors is never a bad idea :)

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Re: Awards system

Post by Aethaeryn »

Such ideas before have been rejected because the developers don't want the community's friendly feel to be ruined by competition. Also, having genuine in-game statistics would encourage cheating.

The fun (not determined by winning/losing) ones like killing 1000 woses would be interesting, but I think they'd similarly be rejected. It would probably lead to a lot of fake games.

Rewarding post counts would lead to a lot of spam. A lot of spam. These forums tend to have lower post counts among the users than other large forums.
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Re: Awards system

Post by Gambit »

However if WML file manipulation were added this could be done in UMCs.

I don't like that last award AT ALL. Firstly because nobody has ever achieved it. And secondly it encourages certain people...

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Re: Awards system

Post by Thanatos »

What would this awards be good for than showing off?
No need for this.

Remember: It's about quality. Not quantity.
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Re: Awards system

Post by pl »

Just to clarify - I did not post an exact awards which should be used.
My idea is to have some. I know that some people tend to go and get all the awards. But it is also fun when you play and suddenly get an awards because you achieved something. It is also cool to see with whom you playing (what game level of your ally or enemy)

I know it can create a competition spirit, but sometimes it is a healthy competition.
For example (these awards just brainstorming)
- a beginner award for 10 matches will give you some pleasant feeling and wish to continue to play
- an award of well play for separate races will lead you to try each race and moreover to try them in a well play
- an award for adding sounds, maps and art will give a pleasant feeling to people who contribute. And it motivates to contribute.

award about 1000000 posts was totally random :D I was trying to give you some concepts of this idea

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Re: Awards system

Post by Turuk »

I know what you are getting at, it is similar to the Challenges in COD4 or COD5, and the whole achievement system in general for some gaming systems. It does not even really encourage competitive behavior because either no one can see it (as in COD) or no one really cares to look through another player's gamertag, so I understand how this is sort of a personal achievement focus.

However, what purpose does it really serve, and who is going to code it? Aeth and Thanatos both made very good points to this effect, and since no can come up with a winning proposal for how this would work in a beneficial manner, this thread will be locked.

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