Improvements to WMLtheme?

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Improvements to WMLtheme?

Post by Fosprey »

Is there any plans to improve the WMLtheme? I'm sure that most UMC would benefit from that. Especially the ability to add custom stats. A lot of UMC use "tricks" to display some stats, like "food" "stone" "kills" or some new properties of a unit(for example Siege wars, used to use XP as a mean to replace population stat)
I think the benefits of an improved WMLtheme to UMC is clear, I wonder, is there any plans to improve it?

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Re: Improvements to WMLtheme?

Post by SkeletonCrew »

Plans yes, when will it be done? Unknown.

I'm working (for quite a while) on a new widget system which allows more
tuning via WML. It's intended that this also replaces the ThemeWML at
some point. Since it's a lot of work I've no idea when the ThemeWML
replacement takes place.

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