all units like necrophage?

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Post by Christophe33 »

I also like the campaign and the challenge the AI presents. So making things easier for player but not for the AI might upset too much the balance of the game. On the Necrophage unit, I have never faced it yet but I had the idea of a series of magic unit, like an air elemental with maybe 20 HP (o30 for powerfull one and 45 for very powerfull one) as well sa good resistance against physical attacks but witch will require only 1 xp to heal by levelling. As a results any attack by a lvl1 unit (or higher) that doesn't kill it will fully heal it. So you will needeither a bunch of lvl0 units or a unit powerfull enough to kill it in a single attack. They would be good guardians for scenario and could be very annoying units to fight.
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Post by Bander »

I think they should need at least 4 exp to heal, at least a kill.
And if they don't kill, their exp goes to 0.

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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

scott wrote:Could I commission a combination fighter/mage similar to a Final Fantasy red mage? He doesn't need to be red, but I thought it would be neat to have a renegade human mage that has a decent short sword blade attack (6-3), a cold ranged attack (6-2), and would fit in well with outlaws. Maybe a dark blue ratty cloak and a brownish-orange tunic underneath?

There are other hybrid melee/ranged units, but I don't think there are any with a magic attack.
The Elvish Lord.
I envision this guy would be similar to Moremiryu, except recruitable and chaotic. He can kick some ass ranged but not be totally worthless in melee.
No way; It's too good a character to waste on recruiting. Make him a campaign hero, or better yet, a companion.
The rogue mage could advance to concentrate on magic (L2 black mage and L3 evil wizard) or concentrate on melee (L2 druid fighter and L3 druid chieftain?).
The names are very bad IMO, and I don't like the diversion... If he's good at both, he should be good at both. And campaign characters generally don't have branching XP trees.
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Post by scott »

You're probably right about splitting - why go out of your way to make a hybrid only to have it specialize. My point is that you can't recruit a weak (L1) version of an elvish lord or Moremiryu, and I would like to be able to.

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Post by Neoriceisgood »

Who on earth is moremiyru ?

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Post by quartex »

The misspelled name of the white mage from HttT, who saved your behind in "valley of the dead".

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Post by Neoriceisgood »

oh right, I just read his melee attack is holy; I figured it was some sort of campaign hero, not just an unit that's spiffed up.

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