A plague based dynamic faction.

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A plague based dynamic faction.

Post by sam_waz_here »

Hello again loving the new trees anyway onto plague.
Currently plague is only being used to create more of a unit a player can already buy, when a single unit with plague should be able to make a faction worth of units from their attack. To put it in perspective my idea works like this:
A lvl 1 orange guy with a 7/3 attack kills enough spearmen to lvl up.
A lvl 2 orange guy with 8/4 gains plague and uses it to kill a spearman.
This creates a lvl 1 blue guy with 6/4.
He levels into a lvl 2 blue guy with 7/5 and plague.
He creates a lvl 1 red guy with 7/4
He levels into a lvl 2 red guy 8/5 and plague.

If we want to get creative-at level 3 the orange, blue and red guy gain steadfast and regen turning them into creature mills for the next superior unit type; but devoting kills to an inferior level 2 instead of the new level 1's will slow down the creature generating chain. Alternatively level 2 units could become slightly stronger level 3 units without plague but with abilities that provide support for the level 2 plague units.

This could be done with ranged versions of the orange guy so the player must decide on the fly if they want a predominantly ranged or melee army. Or the blue level 1 could level into a ranged or melee version of the blue level 2 with plague that creates the appropriate ranged or melee red guy.
As a final twist the red guy's plague could create gold level 1's that only have 4/2 but are completely overpowered at level 2 though they lack plague.

Add in a few support units to weaken the enemy for the initial level one orange guys and you have a completely unique and dynamic faction based off the underused plague ability.
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Re: A plague based dynamic faction.

Post by thespaceinvader »

Fine suggestion. Go make the faction - it won't go in mainline, but it sounds like a perfectly workable UMC idea.
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Re: A plague based dynamic faction.

Post by Turuk »

TSI already said it best. This will not be going into mainline but you are free to make the idea on your own for a UMC in the Faction & Era Contributions forum.

If you would like to have this moved there and reopened so you can continue developing your faction, PM me.

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