Extend list of players on the server

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Re: Extend list of players on the server

Post by cmonyiman »

_pl_ wrote:I think that when ppl qualify other players it brings more sense of community to the players. Yes it is subjective but when more ppl assessed you, this value becomes more real.
+ gathering stats about any person or general stats will give exactly an idea of what ppl think, which is always interesting.
+ I think, it would be smth good to have
If you played this game for at least a week, you will know who are the "good" players and who are not or not known as well. I could suppose if you played this game for 4 years, either it was rarely online, either offline.
People who play well are known to most of the players, so you do not need to complicate things. If you play well, you will pretty soon be known among the community without having to use your logos.

And ladder, even though it has his ranking problems, gives a +- ranking as well which allows the players to qualify those players as "good" or "bad".
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Re: Extend list of players on the server

Post by Skizzaltix »

WC3's icons display race and rank--If you win a lot of matches as the Night Elves, your icon could be a Druid of the Claw, for instance. The problem here is that, to use myself as an example, even though I win about 90% of the matches I play, I play very rarely, so that my icon is still a peon (It was a Huntress at one point, but I didn't log on again for about five months, so Blizzard deleted my victory history). Anyway, this point is getting a little bit off-topic, so no need to say anything more.
And as it was before and it is still right now, this forum as always very rude to users.
Wait, what? How is this forum rude? It's well moderated and low on the flamewars. People don't tend to spontaneously use four-letter words, either :?
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Re: Extend list of players on the server

Post by Lord Ork »

Skizzaltix wrote:People don't tend to spontaneously use four-letter words, either :?
They do all the time! It took some time to figure what ACBD was.
It is ok to correct me if my English is too bad.

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