Turn Clock (not turn Timer)

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Turn Clock (not turn Timer)

Post by governor »

It came up in a game today that a turn clock would be nice to have available (I.E. the time increasing from 0:00 of each players turn, shown in real time). This could also be added to stats (avg. turn length, min/max, time for each turn for each player). This would be nice to see in case of turn length 'arguments' as well for personal interest. I.E. retrospective review of a poor decision, was it hasty? was it over-thought? etc.

Since the turn length for the first few turns is generally quicker (most people will have standard recruits and village grab) it might also be desirable to separate pre and post turn x, where x is 4 for most maps from averages to be more representative of the 'combat' phase.

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Re: Turn Clock (not turn Timer)

Post by JW »

I agree. Seeing the actual time is nice when there is no game timer, but it is not that useful when all computers have a built-in clock. A running timer of that turn would be sufficient I think, though stats would be neat as well.

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Re: Turn Clock (not turn Timer)

Post by roadkill »

I love to have my apps full screen and the in-game real-life-time is very important to me, please don't make it get covered up by anything,

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Re: Turn Clock (not turn Timer)

Post by chaoticwanderer »

I like that idea.
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