Elves of Fear & Night

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Rex Umbrarum
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Re: Elves of Fear & Night

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I thought it was a Roman god.
Thanatos wrote: (Btw: Where did the Windsong come from? Are they based on something, I do not know?)
The Second Foundation from Isaac Asimov's "Foundation Trilogy in 7 parts." :roll: kinda...
The unit descriptions mention a "Foundation" a lot, and they seem to be trying to guide history without being themselves very powerful.

Very much of today's originality is just old stuff with a twist. The Vulcans are very much "space elves" but few people think of them like that because they have their own special logic obsession.

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Re: Elves of Fear & Night

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Rex Umbrarum wrote:The Vulcans are very much "space elves"
8) boo yah

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Re: Elves of Fear & Night

Post by Skizzaltix »

Let's just save ourselves the trouble and disambiguate it.

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