Simple Attack Traits: Aggression / Defiance

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Simple Attack Traits: Aggression / Defiance

Post by foolius »

I searched for this, and didn't see it. Again, I humbly ask the forum masters to get rid of it and spare me the embarrassment in case it has been proposed before. I'm guilty of throwing many ideas out, a few which have been proposed before (and for which I apologize).

Aggression +X damage when attacking ONLY.
Defiance +X damage when defending ONLY.

Aggression 1 = +1 damage when attacking
Defiance 2 = +2 damage when defending

Possible examples:

Orc Grunt
9-2 melee (blade) (aggression 1)
(when attacking it would be 10-2, but on defense it would just be 9-2)

Human Spearman
7-3 melee (pierce) (defiance 1)
(when attacking it would be 7-3, but on defense it would be 8-3)

*name could also be offensive - defensive

Why do this?
I think this could add another dimension to the game, by giving units a bias to Offensive or Defense. This would affect how you would actually play the units in the game, and widen the potential roles of units in the game (some units are deterrents, and others are more vanguard). It also can give entire factions a bias.

For example, maybe the Orcs / Northerners are more offensive.
"new" Orc Grunt
8-2 melee (blade) (aggression 2)

The average might still be the same (9-2), but this means the Orcs have a heavy bias to push forward.

Maybe spear units are more defensive (stopping charges).

Again, I think this would add another dimension to units and even factions. I don't think it would be too difficult to program (might have to adjust order of combat operators + first or * first). Anyway, just wanted to shoot the idea out there and see what the community thought.

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Re: Simple Attack Traits: Aggression / Defiance

Post by thespaceinvader »

CABD - Can already be done with WML. You can implement it in User-Made Content if you want, but it's highly unlikely to be instituted in the mainline game. |
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Re: Simple Attack Traits: Aggression / Defiance

Post by Limabean »

Sound cool. I'd be happy to playtest it, but you'll have to make it.
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Re: Simple Attack Traits: Aggression / Defiance

Post by Rimbecano »

"Aggression" is even already implemented, in a way.

The "Charge" special doubles both damage done and damage taken, but only on offense.
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Re: Simple Attack Traits: Aggression / Defiance

Post by roadkill »

Can be done with WML.


If any of the devs have seen this maby it would be a good idea to keep in mind for balance-changes.

e.g if you got a unit that is crap on the attack but good on the defense but raising its damage would make it TOO good on defense, then give it agression 1.

wonder if the devs had this in mind last time they made a balance change.

Its a good idea. (and can be implimented for only one unit if desired).

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