Lets be Friends

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Lets be Friends

Post by trivix »

I am sure this idea has been brought up, but just in case it hasn't... I think a Friends list should be kept that could help you locate online and offline players. This can be implemented in a command-like interface on top of the multiplayer server(ex: SC, D2 on battle.net) or have a seperate program that interacts with the MP client (ex: Steam). Again, my apologies if this idea is redundant or in-progress (hopefully the latter).
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Re: Lets be Friends

Post by Lorbi »

Friendslist is already supported by the game.
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Re: Lets be Friends

Post by Weeksy »

in chat just type /list addfriend USERNAME
in preferences go to Multiplayer and at the bottom click 'Friends List'
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Re: Lets be Friends

Post by Noy »

and with that I think we can lock this thread:
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