New Ranged Way to Attack

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New Ranged Way to Attack

Post by Me1234 »

has anyone ever played the Age of Wonders games?? i think that the ranged attacks in wesnoth should be similar. like the ranged units have a certain chance of hitting an enemy but they also have a chance of hitting an allied unit that is between the shooter and the target. you should play the game and see what i mean. any other thought on this?? praise?? criticism?? fire away at the idea.
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Re: New Ranged Way to Attack

Post by megane »

Uh. There's... no way a unit can be between a shooter and his target. They are, by definition, in adjacent hexes, with no space between them.

If you mean I should hit the guys 60 degrees to either side of the target, then it's... just a bad idea. Sorry. Maybe in UMC, as a very specific weapon special, but even then it'd be kinda pointless.

Also, any and all arguments aside, multi-hex attacks in mainline are a dead no-no as per the sticky.
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Re: New Ranged Way to Attack

Post by Maeglin Dubh »

With your phrasing, it sounds like you mean to implement multi-hex ranges.

As stated, this cannot be so.

So unless you were actually talking about something totally different than what it sounds like you were talking about, consider this thread soft-locked.
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