Healing tiles that aren't villages

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Healing tiles that aren't villages

Post by Shiver »

I asked around and apparently there's an 'Oasis' tile that can heal units the same way a village does. I propose the functionality be added so that any tile can be turned into a healing tile. Why do this? So people can play "no reinforcements" maps as any race effectively. Currently, any given player is much better off using a race that has healer support in these matches. Dwarves, undead and orcs could be just as viable with healing tiles thrown in.
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Post by turin »

It's possible to create a new healing terrain, and fairly easy. But I'm not sure if terrains are shared from host to other players - in other words, I don't know if everyone has to have the addon downloaded to play a map with custom terrain on it.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea to create more mainline terrains with healing. It's easy to add more, sure, but they need to be supported by art. Then again, we now have an almost unlimited number of terrains possible, so why not?
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Post by zookeeper »

turin wrote:I don't know if everyone has to have the addon downloaded to play a map with custom terrain on it.
Yes, they have to.

Besides, you don't need custom terrains for making arbitrary locations heal, you can do it with a fair bit of WML too.

Allowing you to directly poke the properties of the terrain of a particular hex mid-scenario would most likely require big changes to the engine, so I really don't think it'd be worth the trouble.
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Post by Oreb »

Only other healing tiles I could think of are perhaps springs, or glades. Something that is already related to being magical, and unless someone wants to create terrain for this, I dont see it.

Besides, UtBS already implemented the healing tiles, with water healing you from the harsh deserts.
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Post by UngeheuerLich »

I think there is a very easy way:

allow it to set village gold slider to a minimum of 0 instead of 1 (so you can play all maps without reinforcements)
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Post by Aethaeryn »

A (magical) well could make an interesting healing terrain, and the art wouldn't be too hard.

I agree about the village slider, though. Would help RPGs.
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Post by Kestenvarn »

Guys, pretty sure he means adding healing to any hex - not completely new terrain...

(And I thought you could already do this...?)
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