Straight from my dreams...landmines!

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RCG Tiburon
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Post by RCG Tiburon »

myrmidons iirc were also half-life 2's giant ant lord thingies.
why not just Naga Naga? (king cobra) or Naga Pambu (cobra snake in Tamil)

But anyway. This might be effective for some kind of Normandy situation, but purchasing in a shop is kind of weird to me.

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Post by Gafgarion »

I never associated Myrmidons with anything other than Myth. The name and appearance are an obvious Myth reference, yes, but since Myrmidon is also a generic warrior title I don't really see the issue...
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Post by davypi »

irrevenant wrote:
davypi wrote:While I will concur that it is sounds like a cool idea, I do have some reservation.

1) The introduction of a "landmine" type feature instantly makes me want to have a unit who can detect and disarm them as well. This adds another level of weapons and features to the game which, IMHO, goes against the philosophy of simplicity the game is trying to achieve (but then again, I'm not a dev.)
I agree this has the potential to become an 'arms race' power. OTOH, we already have "Ambush", "Nightstalk" and "Submerge" and have resisted the urge to add detectors. I don't see why this special is any different.
I'm not sure that these are comparable though. Ambush, Nightstalk, and Submerge are unit attributes. They don't do damag, they simply alter the way your unit can move and/or attack. What is being discussed here is an actual weapon type -- it delivers damage. I see it being more akin to melee vs ranged. Just as every unit has a different way that is responds (or doesn't respond) to a melee or ranged attack, every unit would have to be rewritten so that it has a percentage chance of destroying the mine before it goes off. This requires a much larger rewrite of code.

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Post by battlestar »

I just wonder if wesnoth terrain editor could be made into more like a scenario editor that has the ability to lay down units and doodles, and a easy to use trigger systems that automatically converts things into xml codes. Perhaps as a future direction to work towards? This will open up map making to the masses that don't know how the codes work. Map making is kind of a game in itself.

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