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Cuyo Quiz
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Explanation fight!.

The kingdom of Wesnoth, as any other, focuses power on its center. They have at their disposal great scholars and counselors, as well as notable members of the Magi Guilds. The protection of being in the more protected place of the kingdom in both military and political matters is a great boon for the high echelons of society.

In this centric frame, the kingdom of Wesnoth also keeps special corps of forces. This includes their famed Cavaliers, the dreaded Royal Guards and (change being inserted) the Order of Paladins, which came to be after the aparition of the first major orders of White Magi.

The Paladins are directly recruited from the mounted combatants of the kingdom. Those who show the bravery, loyalty and zeal are tested by the orders of White Magi, and after a secretive amount of rite and training, come to form these force of defenders for both their kingdom and its people.

*Of course, if the White Magi have something to do with Paladins, then tehre should be no reason why both Dragons and Knights could become Paladins in actuality.
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Post by Airk »

Meh. Even if White Mage have something to do with Paladins (Doubtful, based on the game lore on White Mages, which has them almost more as itinerant Monk/Healers who eschew possessions than as great Holy Men.) one wouldn't necessarily expect all "paladins" to be identical if they were drawn from multiple walks of life. It would actually kindof make sense for the existing Paladin to become the White Knight, and create a new level 3 advancement for Cavalrymen that would be "Paladin". But honestly, it's not necessary. The existing arrangement is fine.

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Post by Jetrel »

The transition from horseman to knight is the act of the horseman "growing up"; becoming a true warrior, learning discipline. Before this he is an impetuous, foolhardy, but strong young man, after this he is a seasoned veteran, who knows when not to charge recklessly into the fray.

In other words, it's a fairly logical transition.

Many green soldiers die under the aegis of doing foolhardy "heroic charges" - in fact that was the bread and butter of WWI.

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Post by Oreb »

I don't really think the new stats proposed by Jew Unit would go through. Along with Jetryl's description of the Horseman-Knight transition, it proves more that the Paladin is going to stay where it is.

The meaning of Paladin, is a knight known for his heroism and chivalry.

And the origin of the word is from the Latin Palatinus, Officer of the Palace.

Now then, does that sound like a scout, or someone who works in the army, and not living in a castle. They are knights, and come from knights, simple.

Finally, DFWAB.
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Post by appleide »

Change the horseman's description. Problem solved. :)
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Shall I?
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Jew unit
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Wouldnt we also have to change the text in the campian HttT too? not saying I oppose changing it just saying..
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