Ability to choose what to level up into while DEFENDING

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Ability to choose what to level up into while DEFENDING

Post by TheChosenOne »

In my last game, my friend a ghost had 23/24 xp. A creep attacked him and he killed the creep and leveled up to a shadow, which was not what he wanted.

Can we choose what we are going to level up into and not automatic instead? Because otherwise it would be annoying (sometimes it can even make the difference between victory and defeat)

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Post by zookeeper »

There's probably a dozen existing threads about this.

Locked. Read at least some previous thread about this, and post in there or start a new one only if you have some new insight into the issue.
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Post by irrevenant »

This issue has been addressed before. (That thread also contains a link to an even earlier thread).

Short version: There are a few suggested ways to address this issue (including leaving it as is) and each camp has its followers. There are pros and cons to each approach, and no camp has been sufficiently persuasive to warrant change.

As such, I'm locking this thread. Please have a read of the earlier thread, and if you have something genuinely new to add, post it as a continuation of that thread.


Edit: Looks like Zookeeper just beat me to it; great minds think alike, I guess...