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Post by Sapient »

Hmmm.... I just thought of an intuitive way to allow swapping with allies. But, it would involve coding a special "swap query/preview" dialog. Seems a lot of work for such a minor feature, though.

First click on a unit, then right click on an allied unit you can reach and choose "swap" or press hotkey for "swap."

Each unit would have a swap_to, which if set, would trigger a dialog to confirm if the target wishes to swap with that unit (your own turn or ally's turn). A preview dialog would then allow you to graphically show the two units swapping places before you confirm it. If denied, the swap can still take place if the target unit sets a swap_to and the destination has a swap_to source, or a chain leading to the source.
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Post by OllyG »

Does this mean you would get to move during an allies turn? I think swapping with allies will make the turn confusing. You would get dialogue boxes popping up before you can look around and see what you want to do. I like the way that in BfW you don't have to do anything during other players turns.

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