Show all enemy movement?

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Post by jbmesserly »

Yeah Sangel. That thread was what made me think of this. I submitted a patch for the recruit/recall context menu change, then I thought the same thinking could apply to the "show enemy moves" options.

There are some other action types I'd like to add. But I don't want too much context menu clutter :)


Post by jbmesserly »

Discovered an interesting technical issue:

Right now show enemy moves doesn't work once you mouseover an enemy unit (it immediately changes to show just that one unit). Meaning, a fix would end up changing the mouseover code. Not sure what the "right thing" to do for that case is, since the way you turn off "show enemy moves" right now is by mousing over an enemy or selecting one of your own units.

I'm going to hold off on this until I get some more feedback.


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Post by Sangel »

So long as each contextual menu "type" isn't overcluttered - if you click on any particular square, having up to (say) six options isn't a problem. Clicking on a unit reveals six options, clicking on a castle square reveals six different options, etc...
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