Inquiries about creating a game on Steam

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Inquiries about creating a game on Steam

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Inspired by the fact that wesnoth recently moved to being available on Steam I thought to ask if any of the Dev team (or anyone else who knows about steam) could answer a few questions I had in regards to publishing a game on Steam. I have a nearly fully-created game which I plan on publishing for free and thought to see if anyone who had already been through the process had any advice? :D

I have read through Steam's documentation about publishing, and it has been quite helpful, but I am in particular wondering about how the update system works. Can anyone give me any clues about the flexibility of updating a game after it has been published on steam?

Also I thought to ask if there were any things worth noting that might come as unexpected? Or if anyone has advice on what best to do with steam's in-game functions that it offers?

These questions are fairly vague, and I would definitely be happy to offer more details, I just thought to check first if there is anyone who knows about this. :)
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