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Moronic writers

Post by Can-ned_Food » March 5th, 2017, 2:33 am

Does this bother anyone else?

I was just recently watching an episode of the twelfth Doctor's adventures — the one where they discover the 3W corporation's work with the dead. One line really stuck in my craw: where Dr Chang tells the Doctor and Clara that the idea of the dead continuing to be conscious had never been imagined, or considered, or whatever at all by anyone prior to Dr Skarosa filtering out the white noise signals.

For a more detailed synopsis:

Wouldn't it be so much better to say that it was the loads of mythology and horror stories, gothic and modern, which inspired Dr Skarosa to begin his research in the first place? I'm supposing that, in their world, all of that is disregarded, because otherwise certainly Dr Chang would've been aware of the ideas.

I mean, that was the entire idea behind the descriptions of places like Hades or Sheol, yes? The dead dreaming in the torment of the cold, dark earth, and all that. :evil:

Yes, this was one little detail in an otherwise excellent heap of stories. Maybe that's why it bothers me so much.

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Re: Moronic writers

Post by GunChleoc » March 5th, 2017, 9:16 am

I still miss Russell T Davies.

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Re: Moronic writers

Post by Midnight_Carnival » March 5th, 2017, 1:27 pm

Haven't watched the series.
I think he meant from a medical perspective though.
I mean something like past life trauma has been considered often by many, but if you found a respected neurosurgeon publishing a paper on the effects past life trauma on the brain (particularly dopamine levels in children under the age of 5), well that would be a first.

Yes. we live in a culture influenced by the Idealist philosophies of the ancient Greeks, particularly the notion of our essence being our psyche (mind/spirit). As such there is confusion in places there might not be in other cultures. I mean we can consider and talk about some "higher consciousness" or "meta-consciousness" but for a doctor, the discussion about consciousness is limited to how modern western medicine defines the term ("physical consciousness"? :augh: ) - they would say that being conscious after death is not their area, you should speak to a priest about that. Just like we can talk about our hearts in an emotional scene, but a cardiologist would not discuss them in the same way (at work). So considering the possibility that dead bodies (not souls) still fulfil the medical criteria of being conscious is a different notion to that of the soul being trapped in the body suffering in torment or going to heaven or hell.

just my 2c worth, I have no formal medical background although I'm trying to get a 1st aid course in somewhere.
...apparenly we can't go with it or something.

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