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Art Workshop promotion

Post by LordBob » October 11th, 2016, 8:48 am

I rarely speak of my career path as an illustrator, but it is time I gave credit where due.

The next session of 'Becoming a Better Artist', the workshop taught by Robert Chang which I took a few years ago, starts in a week. Prior to the workshop I had been dabbling in self-taught art and was somehow making a living out of it, but it was a complete game-changer. I did not attend an art school, so at that time I was lacking a formal art education and a clear guidance on how to improve. The workshop provided solid foundations that allowed to consolidate my disparate knowledge into a set of professional-level skills, and left me with a clear training routine that I'm glad to be still following.

If you're curious about the content, the overall duration of the workshop is 8 weeks during which Rob covers a very wide range of subjects from fundamentals to artistic styles to business and building a career. But its true added value comes afterwards, when you're able to exchange thoughts and critique with the community of former students over an extended period of time. I took the workshop some three years ago, yet still post in the alumni forum to this day and receive feedback from both other students and Rob himself. ... ter-artist
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