Would you date an Orc?

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Re: Would you date an Orc?

Post by Midnight_Carnival » November 19th, 2015, 1:18 pm

:D I love pheromones and hormones.
I think the scariest hormone by far is oxytocin, it is habit forming (literally) and does more to your personality than testosterone.
Interestingly enough, hormones are pretty much interchangeable, give birth control pills intended for humans to a dog and provided the dog is of a comparable body mass to a human female, it will have the same effect, give them to a plant and it grows huge but has no flowers, this is because in flowering plants the gametophyte and sporophyte generations occour in the same organim, in ferns they are separate organism of the same species and of course humans don't have gametophyte and sporophyte generations, they have gonads.

There is still some discussion however around pheremones. Technically speaking the pheremones which attract a dog to a [censored] (not being sexist here, I mean a female dog) should be very similar to those found in humans... Certainly some have proposed that people are effected by animal pheremones, but they are generally shouted down because people don't want to admit that they are animals and because people are terrified of the prospect of not being in control. Many women love horses and dolphins, the males of those species do have very high testosterone levels, but it is extremely unlikely that it is simply a chemical attraction! For one thing, pigs have very high testosterone levels too and you don't hear of women going crazy over a boar, also, many women go crazy over dolphins but they wouldn't release their male pheromones into the water because the female dolphin wouldn't smell them through her blow-hole.
Another thing is that women who have pet reptiles sometimes find their male reptiles displaying courtship behavior towards them, but this does not happen unless the woman is menstruating, which biologically speaking would be the time when she is least likely to produce offspring. - not wanting to go into any more potentially dodgy details but you can read up on pheremones and animal/human behavior for yourself. for the purposes of this discussion I'm going to go with what I take to be the majority and say that I feel that if pheromones from other species have an effect on humans, it is probably not the same effect that they have on members of their own species. An interesting aside note, scientists believed that they had isolated the pheromones which made men more attractive to women, as it turns out these were fairly simple chemicals and scientists were able to synthesise them. In blind tests tiny amounts of these chemicals sprayed onto men amongst a group of control men who just smelled like they naturally did caused a noticible number of women to find them slightly more attractive in trials, but plans to synthesise the chemicals on a large scale did not go ahead because they were said to smell like a well-used public toilet in anything more than very tiny quantities and have the opposite effect on most women.

Based on that I think that Orc pheromones wouldn't automatically be attractive to female or male humans and that human pheromones wouldn't be automatically attractive to male or female Orcs even if the human was stinky and the Orc took a shower.

I might date an Orc depending on how she smelled and how likely she was to go Prestim on me if I dumped her.
...apparenly we can't go with it or something.

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Re: Would you date an Orc?

Post by GunChleoc » November 20th, 2015, 4:20 pm

Dugi wrote:
In Mordor, Tolkien refers to a breed or cast of Orc called a Snagga (I think) which is a small Orc with larege snuffling nostrils used for tracking.
I thought Snagga was the name of that particular orc.
It means "slave" and is used by higher-ranking orcs to deride lower-ranking orcs.

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Re: Would you date an Orc?

Post by Wussel » August 14th, 2016, 6:15 pm

How about world of warcraft?
Famous Garona was prominently featured in the movie.


Maybe if we could get green orcs?

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Re: Would you date an Orc?

Post by Viliam » May 9th, 2018, 9:41 pm

If we sort magical races on the "masculinity - femininity" scale, the results seem to be:

(most masculine) orcs - dwarves - humans - elves - fairies (most feminine)

I would expect that most interracial couples would follow this direction, i.e. that combinations "male orc, female human" or "male human, female elf" would be more likely than the other way round. Simply because an average heterosexual human male would be more attracted to a feminine humanoid female, and an average heterosexual human female would be attracted to a masculine humanoid male.

But of course people are different, so "more likely" does not imply "the only possible way".

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