warhammer quests

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warhammer quests

Post by Midnight_Carnival » June 10th, 2015, 9:00 am

Ok, so somebody gave me a whole bunch of warhammer Skaven a while back, he'd only done a tiny bit of the assembly and made an abortive attempt at painting them.
I can't afford to buy tons more models and only has 1 unit of clanrats and 1 of nightrunners + 1 packmaster with 6 giant rats.
I'd gone so far as to frank a "chieftain" together out of spare parts based on illustrations I'd seen of what one should look like.
My plan was to find warhammer geeks and battle them in micro-battles (1000-1500 points a side) over frankenparts!

I managed to find that there were warhammer quests, they give you quite a lot for free because (I assume) they want you to buy tons of little models which will make the game more fun.
I'm planning to go questing with an all Skaven party (assasin would take some of the Elf stuff, fighter type for the Barbarian, warlock engineer could be Dwarf and Mage [using Skaven spells] and I'd add a beastmaster.

Think this could work?
...apparenly we can't go with it or something.

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