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GNU GPL music

Post by Neuromancer »

Im looking for some music to use in my campaign. The problem is, nearly every free music is licensed under CC, therefore unusable in wesnoth UMCs. Do you know any sources of GNU GPL music? Im not aiming at some specifical genre, anything will do provided it is interesting.
Thank you for your help.
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Re: GNU GPL music

Post by Gambit »

There are music packs on the add-on server. There are also a lot of seldom-used tracks that come with the game.
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Re: GNU GPL music

Post by Tonepoet »

Wesnoth music also evolved a lot over time. So in the backversions there are some old tracks like what I'll call the techno saurian beat that were made for distribution with the game but aren't ever used anymore because they don't fit the new style. It's not precisely the best way to go about making your campaign unique but they can set certain moods if cued at the right moment. Bonus points for knowing which faction each piece goes to, since music typically used to be played on a theme song basis.
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Re: GNU GPL music

Post by Hulavuta »

...I was gonna say that. Also I was gonna use it...but now everyone is gonna so...

There was the old Northerners theme, which fit the style of Wesnoth music, and was only removed because a far better one was created. So that's one to choose from, which is very good IMO.

Actually, I think ALL of the old 1.0 songs would work, with the exception of the already mentioned techno music for the drakes/saurians. (Believe it or not, Saurians were their own faction back then, removed obviously because a two-unit faction made up of only support units sucks.)
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Re: GNU GPL music

Post by Iris »

Hulavuta wrote:There was the old Northerners theme, which fit the style of Wesnoth music
An overly short track which mostly consisted of the same section being repeated for most of the track’s duration never seemed very Wesnoth 1.4y to me.
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