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Re: Games discussion

Post by bumbadadabum »

I've recently been playing the Geneforge games again. They're still as great as I remember.
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Re: Games discussion

Post by Dant »

I will play soon too, Warlords Battecry II! Who like the fantasy theme from Wesnoth may enjoy this game. It's a Real Time Strategy Game. The Graphics are avarage, but we are in a wesnoth forum anyway. ;)
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Re: Games discussion

Post by sedmi_patuljak »

Distant World Univers (Universe being the latest expansion) is the game I enjoy the most. I am playing it for a year now, and never get tired. That game is a gem. Certainly the best 4x space strategy game ever. I played Gal civ, Endless space, sins of the solar empire...and none is even close to DW.
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Re: Games discussion

Post by dorf »

Lately I'm into small games like voar and MiniMetro. Probably because I have not much free time anymore :/
Still, I enjoyed them both. Too bad there's little replayability for casual games.
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Re: Games discussion

Post by johndh »

I thought about posting this in the "what's the appeal of a Rogue-like" thread, but I guess it fits better here. I don't know how I went this long without ever playing or even hearing about Tales of Maj'Eyal, because apparently it's kind of a big deal, but now I've spent entirely too much time over the past two days playing it. It sits in the Rogue-like genre, but without most of the elements that turn new players off. It has actual graphics, you can do everything with the mouse if you feel like it, you don't have to memorize a separate hotkey for using a ring vs. using a wand, etc. It also has some more familiar RPG elements, like an overworld with towns, dialogue with NPCs, fetch/collection/escort quests, etc. There's even a (much-needed) tutorial, though honestly I wasn't a huge fan of its execution. For fans of the less-RPG-like play, there's also an infinite dungeon mode, and you can choose permadeath at character creation. The default mode gives you a small number of resurrections before permadeath hits you, but it's still fairly difficult. It's also a lot better than some other Rogue-likes about not killing you with stuff you literally could have never seen coming or avoided... though there are definitely some enemies that hit much harder than you might expect, so you can still get yourself killed pretty easily if you're not careful. Anyway, it's both libre and gratis, and cross-platform (they're even working on an Android port), so give it a go if you feel like it.
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Re: Games discussion

Post by Xara »

1. osu!
2. tome4
3. bfw
4. der langrisser 2
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Re: Games discussion

Post by Crushmaster »

Recently bought and played through most of this game - Reload. Pretty decent with some flaws, but I've played it for nine hours, almost all of which was pure enjoyment, so, pleased. It's an FPS, but a simulation rail/range shooter rather than your average fare.
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Re: Games discussion

Post by Lord-Knightmare »

I have finished (Yep, that's right. Completed every quest, killed every boss even the hidden ones, and acquired all spells and special items) playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim earlier this year. Considering the storylines, Dawnguard was the best one (I played as a Vampire Lord) since it involves the exploration of two massive dungeons (the Soul Cairn and the Forgotten Vale).

I started playing League of Legends a month ago and I absolutely love it (Katarina ;) ). The gameplay might be similar to City of Steam, but it does not feature premium advertisement which is a major positive point for the game.

As for Battle for Wesnoth, I will probably keep on playing this game forever. I still have latest series of add-ons in the works (the first 7 levels of HoI1 will be released within the first week of November).

If any of you are wondering, I did purchase The Elder Scrolls Online, but the game does not load on my MacBook Pro. Filed a complaint, but had no response. They don't even allow me to post at their forums. :evil:

Downloading DotA 2 now. :D

Now, to the topic that needs to be discussed...What are your thoughts on the upcoming game FallOut 4? I am downloading FallOut 3 at the moment.
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Re: Games discussion

Post by Can-ned_Food »

Lord-Knightmare wrote: October 18th, 2015, 1:37 pm If any of you are wondering, I did purchase The Elder Scrolls Online, but the game does not load on my MacBook Pro. Filed a complaint, but had no response. They don't even allow me to post at their forums. :evil:
Well, it is Bethesda Softworks … “Working softly since 1986.”
Did you ever hear back from them or get a refund? It's the principle of the thing, not the amount of the money.
That's one of the reasons I tell my friend that I never got ESO. Reports on the WineDB looked good, but I have some bad experience with Skyrim really
so badly that I gave up. I got that one very cheap, though…
So, as I was saying, I'll only ever buy ESO if I can obtain, somehow, a demo copy and test it first.

FreedroidRPG is an open and free game which is cute and fun. Not Hello Kitty! –esque or that squeeishly adorable cuteness, of course.
The control interface is a bit rough, so sometimes it can be frustrating. On the whole, though, very endearing.

I'll always have a fond place for the Marathon series, but lately the Aleph One community has seemingly shrunk down to those people who can't find friends anywhere else — so I don't engage with them. It is entirely free and open source. Well, I can't remember if the assets which were once proprietary to Bungie SPC are now on the GPL or not, but the code is.

If ever you come to visit my house, we'll play Katamari Damacy on my old PS2 Slim!
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Re: Games discussion

Post by barnzie8 »

Doing the installed single player campaigns on Wesnoth. Got almost all the achievements on A robot named fight. Just missing the two speed run and low item run achievements. The world ends with you mobile version. Just doing post game stuff and enjoying the fantastic music.
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Re: Games discussion

Post by RolfDhew »

Hey guys! Check out 0 ad, it is a game similiar to Age of empires, it is fully 3d and a very good game! I also highly reccomend the Hyrule Conquest mod for 0 ad, it is a legend of zelda rts mod! Anyone wo likes rts games will love this game! It's also opensource and completely free btw!

Daggerfall unity is also an amazing game for rpg lovers! It is basically daggerfall rewritten onto the unity engine with many improvements and modern features and great mods too! It is free (as is daggerfall the base game) and really fun!
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Re: Games discussion

Post by RizkyPramudyaCJ »

Free Software:
- Thrive (as same as Spore but scientifically Accurate)
- Battle for Wesnoth
- Pioneer Space Sim
- FreeOrion
- Naev
- Endless Sky
- Xonotic

- Spore
- Audiosurf/2
- Beat Hazard
- Euro Truck Simulator 2

That's a game that I played it. But primarily I playing Thrive. This game is still under development of any volunteers and open source. Also, it's spore like and evolution life but scientifically accurate.
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