A bot assistant for tournament organization

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A bot assistant for tournament organization

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I am ripping off from ReNoM's wonderful work on fastbot for the wesnoth life Russian sister community for map picking and I am targeting a bot that can assist in organization of wesnoth tournament (1v1 only at this time).

I am looking for tournament players or organizers to provide some feedback on the set of commands and if they cover most of the needs in a real life situation.

The bot is running on the wesnoth MP lobby and opens a game for people to interact with (as observers).
Here is the features that are supported and the commands that the bot responds to:

## Registration phase
  • info - information about tournament settings
  • register - register to enter the tournament
  • [registered] utc - update your UTC availability setting to current time
  • [registered] drop - drop your registration to tournament
  • status - general status on progress
  • help - show help on commands
  • [admin] reduce - close the registration
During the registration phase, the tournament is at round 0. Registered people can drop until admin has closed the registration.
When you register to a tournament, the bot gets your registration details from the server and set your UTC play time to current time.
The supported tournament settings are described here.

## Tournament phase - [registered only]
  • schedule - show your schedule for current round
  • play - set yourself ready to play next scheduled game
  • report {ARG} - report a game status (ARG is victory or defeat)
  • standings - show your standings in current round
  • help - show help on commands
  • [admin] missing - list player missing reports
  • [admin] drop {ARG} - drop a player from tournament (technical win to opponent)
  • [admin] reduce - close the round when no missing report left
When one of the player that is scheduled to play is typing 'play' command, the bot is opening a new game (under a launcher account) in the main lobby for this player to join. When both players have joined and started the game, the launcher gives them control and leaves (2 launchers available only). When the game has ended the players can report the result to the main bot (by observing the tournament lobby game again).

## Known missing features
  • contest a reported result
  • savegame/replay of a reported game
  • handle any situation that can't be reduced to bot commands ;)

The forum is still expected to be used to cover for the different needs that are not covered by the bot.

If you see a dembot game open on the MP server by dembtlbby account, feel free to join and have a chat [messages to dembot will be shown on the computer of the person running to bot]. Many thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.

For the techies: it is written in go, licensed GPL version 3 or later but the code is not on github (sorry for the inconvenience).
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