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Sequence Code

Post by Luc7y »

Since I had found the tool imgcheck, I work with this
possible because the done renaming of the tool in
Now I can let take that the input-folder with the images for the sequence
python ./thesubfolder/* > the colorsequence.txt
I became for my drawings inside the folder in alphabetical (numbers first) order
a page with color-codes in optimized form,
but while I study the reference and while reading the descriptions of all units, attacks and so forth,
never seen a code with such color-sequences - and I ask me how I can use the colorcode-output for the sequence.
And thats is also my question, how I can use the color-code for the animation while messages parts computed?

I hope thats the right place for my question, if not please tell me.

note please: The message
<invalid WML found> "Formation" follows a deprecated format for its description, using its name as the first line
is the reason for any modifications by my side, I have orientated me by the name of unit.
e.G. Unitname spell
or direct in the file "mainline-strings.cfg" of the add-on
or by the effect given how Draining Sword (for sword with the id=sword) with special {WEAPON_SPECIAL_DRAIN}
for all the descriptions of add-ons I would play now.
And the errors are lesser and lesser.
Conformed now: Aria of the Dragon-Slayer, War_of_Legends, Antar, The White Troll > runs under 1.12 now without such errors
Conformed now: AgelessEra for future alternates with same mainline-strings.cfg but the part before
description="My "+{STR_ENTANGLE}
so I or my friends can change this in Future all in one changeprocess to e.G
description="The Spell Of "+{STR_ENTANGLE}
Or stroke it again complete :arrow: and use only the mainline-string.cfg

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