Resigning committership

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Resigning committership

Post by Aginor »

Hi Everyone,

Due to other commitments, I don't feel like I have time, or had time for quite a while now, to meaningfully contribute to the project.
As a consequence, I'm resigning my committership.

I'd like to thank everyone for the opportunity to contribute to the Battle of Wesnoth, and I hope that the work that I have done has been of value to the project. It has been great to be a part of one, if not the, most well known OSS game.

All the best for the future! - You may still see me around for the occasional patch though :)
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Re: Resigning committership

Post by Iris »

Thank you for all your hard work on getting the SDL 2 port completed. I’m sure the team shares my opinion that without your contributions, it would’ve taken Wesnoth much longer to move forward.

Good luck and have fun.
Author of the unofficial UtBS sequels Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm (now available for Wesnoth 1.14.x and 1.15.4+).
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