Wesnoth as subprocess in python (wmlparser3.py)

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Wesnoth as subprocess in python (wmlparser3.py)

Post by Smok » March 17th, 2017, 8:03 am

I use wmlparser3.py tool i python. When i try parse file with it, this error apperas:
2017-03-17_08h57_11.jpg (30.69 KiB) Viewed 1882 times
I use stable version of game with userdata folder stored in instalation path. Btw wesnoth creates empty userdata forler in my python program folder. What shoud I do about it?

EDIT: There is no problem if user data is located in Documents.

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Re: Wesnoth as subprocess in python (wmlparser3.py)

Post by Celtic_Minstrel » May 3rd, 2017, 12:18 am

Have you even looked at it? You can pass the userdata path when constructing the parser object; or if using it from the command-line, there's an argument to wmlparser3.py that sets it.
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Re: Wesnoth as subprocess in python (wmlparser3.py)

Post by Sapient » May 3rd, 2017, 4:02 am

It might help if you showed us the complete command-line instruction you are using to invoke the parser.
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