List of mutiplayer campaign bugs

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List of mutiplayer campaign bugs

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As a UMC MP campaign author I've encountered many a bug, as have others (see here for example).

This thread is intended to list all the known bugs with MP campaigns and whether or not they affect the current last major wesnoth developer version (after which I can put them on the bug tracker as well). The list may have to be ammended with time or if someone else has anything to add. There are known workarounds for pretty much all these bugs, but this thread is about listing the bugs so that they can hopefully be fixed one day.

OOS errors (online only):
- If a unit levels up and a victory on enemies defeat condition is active, then the unit will level up only for player of that side. In the next scenario other players will see a unit with xp above max and will lead to OOS state.
- a message option selection in a death event or attack leads to an OOS, which is not what is claimed in the documentation (it is supposed to be multiplayer safe)
- setting starting time to random leads to different values on different players machines from 2nd scenario onwards

Incorrect settings for scenario after first:
- experience modifier gets reset from scenraio 2 to default of 100
- recall list is not properly carried across
- recall list can contains other players recalls when "shuffle sides" is activated

RNG issues:
- RNG is not sufficiently randomized at the start of a MP scenario for both offline and on-line play. There will be about 5 or so random seeds unless a gamestate resets this (i.e. different leader combinations will by a turn 1 event). This affects prestart and start events the most.

Carryover gold errors:
- not calculated correctly if reloaded or if, in offline play, a "back to turn" is used.

Replay errors (online only):
- replays do not work if variables are set in a prestart or start event that affect gameplay (e.g. setting number of turns, time of day, or gold, adding units, etc.) and game is reloaded
- do not work if a side has a dwarf leader (as replay has him move only 4 spaces and does not apply the quick trait)

Save bugs:
- start of scenario do not work for scenarios with prestart and start events that set variables or modify the game state for scenarios 2 and above. This will result in either missing information online or sometimes for local games starting from scenario 1 when it should be a later scenario (the save contains all the units properly though)
- autosave of replay at end of scenario often does not work

Graphics bugs:
- animations put in in a start or prestart event, such as a lit brazier tile, only shows up on the host, not for all other players

I'm sure there are more, but's that all I have for now. I will come back and add if they are all current with wesnoth 1.11.1, trunk, etc.
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Re: List of mutiplayer campaign bugs

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Fancy list. Thanks for putting it together.
- experience modifier gets reset from scenraio 2 to default of 100
I have an idea what could cause this, might have time to work on it later this week.
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