FormulaAI partial specification

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FormulaAI partial specification

Post by seahen »

Hi all,

In the spring, I started a term project for a fourth-year Artifical Intelligence course, to develop a genetic-programming framework for FormulaAI scripts. I didn't have time to actually implement the framework (I'd wasted some time trying to use the Python AI, only to have bug come along halfway through the project), but in the process I did create a partial formal specification for the FormulaAI language. It's at I hereby release it under both the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.3, and Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported . (Reply if the Wesnoth project needs it under another free licence.)

I hope this will help the Wesnoth community ultimately build a full specification for FormulaAI and/or WML in general, making genetic programming and other unconventional development techniques more feasible.

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Re: FormulaAI partial specification

Post by Boucman »

thx a lot for the work...

I'm looking at it right now so i'll comment on the content later...

as for the license, everything that is provided with wesnoth is GPL, so that might be the license we need (i know, it's wierd for documentation, but that's how we do it)

as for online stuff, not sure what license we use...
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Re: FormulaAI partial specification

Post by FAAB »

This is quite useful. As the owner of the thread hasn't logged in months I don't expect it to be up to date.
Is there any other place where we can get an updated version this information ?
I am mostly interested in the data structure (as the list of function is available here).
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