1.3.14 Default AI in Small Maps

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1.3.14 Default AI in Small Maps

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Hello, this is not technical stuff but I don't see another thread where to post it.

I notice that now in 1.3.14 the AI uses more the leader compared with 1.3.13, in 1.3.13 it appeared to have fear to use the leader and usually never attacked with it. But now in 1.3.14 the leader usually attack too much, in a suicide way sometimes, like attacking a 70% defense unit in a 30%-40% defense with no help.

I noticed that in Morituri map, normally in 1.3.13 with me controlling two sides an AI the other two, it was hard to beat the AI with me 100g and AI 175g, because AI recruited all the time, now in 1.3.14 I can put AI 250g and win, because AI only recruits the first turn, and the other turns (usually) attack with the leader.

I'm not trying to say that you make a mistake with this change in AI, actually, it was pretty boring that AI didn't use the leader in 1.3.13 in particular times. But maybe, now in 1.3.14, at least in small maps, or when the leader can get to the castle in one or two turns. it will be preferable to go to castle instead of attacking if it haves sufficient gold to recruit three or four units.

Anyway, this is very subjective, but I hope that it helps you.

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